Welcome to our affiliate program

You can earn extra money by affiliating at this program, how it works:

1.- Recomend or find any Costumer for us and every time the costumer referred by you buys in Our Store or web site, you earn 3 % of the total purchase and if you are a very active and referr many costumer to us then we can negotiate a better discount for you.


- Directly sending an e-mail to us where you tell us who is the Costumer referred to.
- From any Link that We can to send you and you put it in your web page, and every time that any Costumer reach to Our web site from your link, we can track your web page or your Affiliate Number and credict the 3 % of the purchase to you.

3.- We send you the money for the minimum of $ 250.00 minus sending charges.

4.- For this program is necesary that you registe HERE  <<
sign up >> and every time that you referred any costumer then you send the message to us and we put the affiliate to you, if the costumer is registered to another Affiliate parent then we do not affiliate this costumer to you.. THE COSTUMER Can only have a one affiliate Parent.

5.- To login in your Profile Click Here <<
sign in >> and logout << sign out >> or at Our web site in Affiliate section and Logout at the right top.

Terms and condictions  are in the affiliate Sign up section.