If you have any questions about Edisa Corp, let us address them. We can save you hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars over those "expensive" resale products!

1. What Type of Products can you buy in the Edisa Corp web site?

Edisa Corp can support a wide range of store types including: electrical, electronics and industrial merchandise, electronic and electrical components, devices, equipment, machines and parts, software, PLC,s, Sensors, relays, frequency drives, cd drives, automation and instrumentation products, costum products finder, etc. 

2.- Does Edisa Corp ship to PBOX addresses?  Yes, Small Packages by USPS 

3.- Does Edisa Corp take personal checks?  Yes. Checks exceeding $250.00  dollars in value may require bank verification prior to shipping an order. Dishonored checks will be charged a $29.00 handling fee.

4.- Does Edisa corp uphold and require a drug free workplace? Yes, all our employees are required to pass a drug screening test prior to employment. 

5.- What is Edisa corp´s governor ID ?
Federal ID number:

6.- Why is the system asking me to choose an International shipping method if I am in the US?

This will only happen if the "Ship Address" country  selected  is not the United States, return to shipping address and select the Address at USA Country. 

7.- Could I choose an International shipping method if I am in the US or Outside the US?

Yes, go to  "Ship Address"  and add a new address to any country  diferent US or select an address from any country different to the United States. The international rates are not precalculated, for that reason we will send you an e-mail with your order's total price ajusted to the country selected.

8.- Can I view all my past orders?

If you have an Edisa Corp account you can now view your order status and order history online at the Right top corner on www.edisacorp.com simply enter your User ID and Password or send e-mail to costumer service sale@edisacorp.com .

9.- Will I receive an e-mail confirmation of my order?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail confirmation when your order is submitted and you will also receive an e-mail confirmation which includes the tracking number once your order has shipped or updated. 

10.- What is Edisa corp´s  address? 

Edisa corp.
1017 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah FL 33010 USA

11.- Will I be able to pay by Wire Transfer?

Yes, select the Mail check Payment Method in your Orden payment option at the Checkout moment and  send us the Wire Transfer to Our Bank information below, add to your Order a payment of $29.00 by financial Bank charge.

Account Name: Edisa corp
Bank: Bank of America
ABA #: 026009593
Swift #: BOFAUS3N
Account number: 898066065068