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On Semi Darlington Bipolar Trans 20A 100V On Semi Darlington Bipolar Trans 20A 100V

  • Switching Regulators Collector-Emitter 
  •  Voltage VCEV = 1000 Vdc
  • Inverters Fast Turn-Off Times
  • Solenoids 80 ns Inductive Fall Time 100 C (Typ)
  • Relay Drivers 120 ns Inductive Crossover Time 100 C
  •  Motor Controls 800 ns Inductive Storage Time 100 C
  • Deflection Circuits
  • 100 C Performance Specified for: Reverse-Biased SOA with Inductive Load Switching Times 02 with Inductive Loads Saturation Voltages Leakage Currents Extended FBSOA Rating Using Ultra-fast Rectifiers
  • Extremely High RBSOA
  • Capability Pb-Free Packages are Available

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